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How Fashion Can Send a Message

It has been said for years that what you wear lets everyone know who you are. The clothes make the man is how the saying goes. But what about when someone is trying to let people know that he is humourous, or witty? If you do not want to dress like a clown, then the best way to send this message through fashion, and the easiest way is by wearing funny t shirts. The best part aboutdoing this is that you do not even have to create your own t-shirts because there is a huge industry dedicated to t-shirts with funny messages. You just need to find one that appeals to your personality and start wearing it.Because people put so much emphasis on what other people are wearing, funny t shirts are a great way to strike up a conversation with someone. You will instantly have something to talk about because they will be amused and interested in what you are wearing - and this is turn could make them interested in you as a person. They will like that you are brave enough and confident enough with your humour to make such ...


The Latest Fashionable Styles Are Not Just For People With Perfect Model Bodies

There are many people out there who want to change a lot about their bodies and appearances. Bad enough not everyone has time to change the way they eat or the way they exercise. That is why everyone feels hopeless for themselves because they think they never have the time. Even though you can't change the way you look you can change the way you appear as far as your body size goes.When it comes to fashion people only think that only models can be those that wear the latest fashions. The thing is nobody is perfect not even models and that is why fashion is discussed not only with models but with society as well. The other thing that you may not see is that fashion comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors.If you are small in bone structure and weight you may be considered petite. As it comes to those of that kind of body type there is a whole market of clothing made just for that type of person's body for both men and women. If you are an athletic and active person you probably have an athletic bo...


How To Negotiate The Dangerous Ground Of Teenage Fashions With Your Teen

If you are the parent of a teenager you are already painfully aware of their need to be on top of the latest fashions and fads. It is like a competition with them on who has the latest fashion apparel and who does not. At the same time, it is our job as parents to be sure that this doesn't go too far, especially in light of the fads that are out today. We have all seen the boys fashions that have them wearing pants that are way too big and showing their boxers and with girls we see tight low cut tops that are so short that their belly buttons show. In my opinion these are totally inappropriate for young teens and I see girls as young as 12 dressed this way.If you are like me your first thought will probably be to get upset and say something like, "The only way you are wearing that is over my dead body", of course it is totally your right to do so but you may end up causing a rift between you and your teen. If you take a moment to think back to what it was like when you were a teen you will probably remember t...


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